Hotel Casino im Park

Friedrich-Heinrich-Allee 54
47475 Kamp-Lintfort
Tel.: 02842 / 96340
Fax: 02842 / 60661

The picturesque Lower Rhine countryside, a vibrant small town with a long history, the vast expanses of the old branches of the Rhine River – and right in the middle, an historic hotel where you can take refuge and relax, enjoying life and good conversation. Quiet rooms with a view of the well-tended park, excellent cuisine and ideally equipped conference rooms are guaranteed to make your stay pleasant and inspiring.

Of course, we cannot possibly replicate your own home. However, we certainly will do everything we can to make your stay at our hotel as pleasant as possible. The architecture of the Casino in the Park Hotel, which is a national monument, is as appealing and interesting as its history.
Cordial hospitality, personalized service and professionalism with a heart will give you the agreeable feeling of being truly welcome here. We will treat you to all the comfort you need and more.
Incidentally: RTL has used the Hotel Casino as a set for making a film!

There are lots of surprises in store for you!

The Casino Team is looking forward to welcoming you!